Lock Him Up!

My latest song, Lock Him Up, is now out on YouTube. If you like this song, you will love my book, Earth Survival Guide 2020, now available on Kindle and Paperback. Please enjoy both!

Here it is, Lock Him Up:

My New Book is Published!

I am delighted to share that I have just published a new book.  I can hardly wait for you to read it and let me know what you think!  It is available on amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions RIGHT NOW. 

The satirical premise of Earth Survival Guide 2020 (ESG2020 for short) is that life here on Earth is so confusing because, in fact, we are not from around here; hence the subtitle:  Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This One (At Least Through 2020). 

ESG2020 addresses the recent rise to power of the highly dangerous GRABs (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers).  As a political/sociological satire, ESG2020 walks right on the edge between laugh-out-loud humor and deeply serious intent.

 Let ESG2020 help you cope with this life here on Earth, both through laughter and a deeper understanding of what is truly going on around us.  In ESG2020 Guide 2020, you will:

  • Learn if you are one of the POPs (People from Other Planets) or an Earthling (Does Earth life make absolutely no sense at all? Then you’re probably a POP.)
  • Learn to identify and deal with the dreaded GRABs (Greedy Racist Aggressive Bullies) and BUFs (Blind Unthinking Followers)
  • Explore the Survival Bible, a Glossary of Earth Terms, covering such broad, baffling topics as Religion, Money, Patriotism and Modern Medicine and the true meaning of terms like Me Too, Sexual Identity and Kleptocracy

Read the book and then let’s keep in touch during 2020 as we each do what we can in our own way.  Go to amazon for the Kindle or Paperback right away, while it’s fresh on your mind!